Why or what were my reasons for choosing this name?

I wanted a name that could clearly represent what I wanted my students to embody and to articulate my experiences, beliefs and goals in Martial Arts and life.

– Rising above challenges

Transcendence Logo
Our logo

– Transcending boundaries

A part (for some it’s a large part) of our lives and time spent when we, at one time or another, have faced the necessity and thus built the ability to rise above challenges, is in our martial arts training. Small fragment in our lives when we become (consciously, sub-consciously or unconsciously) our true selves. No curtains no masks. Which although happens only a small fraction of our lives, influences a huge chunk of how we live our lives as a person. I’ve always said the same thing over and over to many of my mates and students, “there is no hiding in martial arts, especially when you’re fighting in the ring or struggling within yourself to learn a technique or training your mind and body to reach your martial goals. There is no hiding of oneself in how you face dangers, overcome barriers and triumph over adversity. You may think that you are doing a pretty good job in masking who you really are or what that heart inside you is really made of or capable of, but trust me, teachers/coaches/instructors who have dedicated their lives to teaching, instructing and helping improve their students, can see through you. You are an open book in a martial arts class. There is just no hiding.”

Farhan's fight

I for one have had to overcome certain challenges (who hasn’t? I know right?) as a full-time martial arts instructor and gym owner here in Singapore. Socially, emotionally, physically and financially. Ask any full time gym owner in Singapore. They are all facing a hard time in this career choice (in Singapore). It is not simply about putting bread on the table or keeping your students but more importantly it is about keeping that passion alive, that fire burning, so that you are able to continue enjoying imparting your knowledge and passion to your students everyday in class and in the gym while fighting to stay on your chosen path.
Bringing us to the birth of Transcendence Martial Arts. My hope is that it is not only a place that teaches Martial Arts but more importantly that the name, acts as a constant reminder to all, instructors and students. That life is not about running away, avoiding or escaping the challenges, barriers or fears that you may have, but rather, to face them and overcome them. And through the practice of Martial Arts, we aim to live up to the motto of “Rising Above”, the motto of Transcendence Martial Arts.




Published by

Terence Cheah

I am an avid Martial Artist who has been teaching Muay Thai for more then 20 years and have recently earned my Black belt in Shinkyokushin Karate. I run a Martial Arts gym called Transcendence Martial Arts where most of my students are everyday people who want to get better, both physically and psychologically. I also love reading, motorbikes and scuba diving quite earnestly. And not forgetting my ever supportive loving wife and 2 daughters who always make me grateful for my life and energy .

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