An Introduction

My name is Terence Cheah. I ran a Martial Arts gym in Singapore called Transcendence Martial Arts. Love that name. “Transcendence” So much meaning and relation to how I view life and my trainings.

Master Johnnie n me
Master Johnnie Yeo

I have been a full time Muaythai coach certified under the Amateur Muaythai Association, International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and the World Muaythai Council for more then 15 years now. I have been living/chasing/paying for my passion for more than a decade now. I started my Muaythai journey at the late age of 23/24 under the tutelage of Master Johnnie of Hilltop Muaythai, whom till this very day I still regard as my teacher/father-figure.

I then furthered my training in a few training camps in Thailand before I settled down with Ajarhn Surat Sianglor of Dejrat camp in Bangkok who’s training style was/is very similar to Master Johnnie’s. I had dedicated a solid 8 years to the Amateur MuayThai Association (Singapore) and having served as the President for the last 2 years of my time there, I left the position and committee a few years back to concentrate on my own gym.
Apart from teaching MuayThai I also sometimes teach SanDa/SanShou (yeah I did this somewhere along the way of my training days when Singapore didn’t have MuayThai opportunities). More recently I have also started my journey into Shinkyokushin Karate under Sensei Francis Tan while in Singapore and have been looking for a suitable place (mainly due to schedule) to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Anyway, this blog should not be so much about my history but my views of my present, The present and of the future with regards to martial arts, my gym, my training and definitely other stuff that may (or may not) affect or influence my martial arts journey and studies and the way I see life overall. I am sure that along the way my subjects may drift from these a little but I will try my best to get back to the main reasons for starting this blog – my love for martial arts and of course, of life and it’s opportunities (and my intolerance for the lack of common sense and too much ego).

Ego – a whole subject on its own that I may touch on in future.

Surat Dejrat
Ajarhn Surat on my right and Ajarhn Pa on my left
My training stint in China, Chang Zhou

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Terence Cheah

I am an avid Martial Artist who has been teaching Muay Thai for more then 20 years and have recently earned my Black belt in Shinkyokushin Karate. I run a Martial Arts gym called Transcendence Martial Arts where most of my students are everyday people who want to get better, both physically and psychologically. I also love reading, motorbikes and scuba diving quite earnestly. And not forgetting my ever supportive loving wife and 2 daughters who always make me grateful for my life and energy .

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